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My ShoeMoney Network Review

Hey Guys.

FYI, I made this website step-by-step with the help of Jeremy.

I have been a fan of millionaire Jeremy Schoemaker for a years now. I’ve been following him before he was “big”.  In one of is recent newsletter emails, he said he was fed up that he had made the what he thought was the best “how to make money online” product. ( he knows from experience) What he teaches is sound, but very few people every logged in and did anything. 70% people would log in, watch one video and do nothing else…

So Jermey’s thought  if he would PAY you for accomplish tasks you would finish the course.  I signed up, instantly :)t. I do know some of the basics, but was more curious to see what he was REALLY doing behind the scenes. The first task was easy and I instantly received a dollar and it was sent to my PayPal instantly. [I’ve never paid/sent him any money] 

I went through and continued through the course now as you can see I made this website. He showed step-by-step how to install a theme, then installing plugins, etc etc. Getting those txt messages with “You’ve been sent a dollar” is very addicting 🙂

Jeremy walks you through setting up everything step by step with video. I love how it’s a like a karate belt system. You get a sense of accomplishment for finishing them.

By the time I got my black belt I was sent $15. (sweet)


It’s kinda funny how a simple dollar kept me going and doing these simple tasks. At the finish line I had a finished blog with battle tested plugins. Plus a facebook page and a email newsletter.

I can’t count how many hours i’ve spend playing Last Stand and Zombieville on facebook, but this was just as fun and I created something of real value and made some real money as well.

Again guys, I never sent him a dime…  no tricks.

If you seem skeptical give it a try it, no harm in it.  When you make your first dollar you will be as just as hooked as me. THANKS, Jeremy!  Click here to register.